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The passion is hot and I must agree the communication is a bit complicated. s definitions of devotion, loyalty, fidelity, and commitment and get back to me. She's fearless in personality and although has her own fears will just do things just for the he'll of it!

I guess more so because im very talkative and leave nothing unsaid and yet he believes something's are best left unsaid. They never express themselves, ever, but when they say 'I Love You' you keep trying. Which amazes me with her courage and zest for life!

We have known each other for 3 years, but he apparently had been liking me for 3 years before that. than any other sign -UNLESS WE ARE GIVEN A REASON TO BE. Hi, having read all the above and all the various mixed views regarding these incompatible star signs including the your ages I am inclined to agree and disagree with some of them.

We dated for four months then broke up...didn't talk for almost 6 months then started talking again, and now we're back together. (Note that in the above statement, I am not including people whose psychic/mental/emotional state is damaged as a result of a dysfunctional past ? potential for possessiveness may intensify the effects of such damage, it? To some of you "GROW UP AND STOP BEING PIG HEADED AND SELF CENTRED" and im talking to you Saggies, I am one aswell but through time and with age I have sat back and had deep and meaningful conversations with myself and discovered room for improvement which has worked (we always look to improve and be liked). To the ones who fell in love...I am correct your Saggitarian loves have been lost forever now but you have had an experience of a lifetime and the memory of it you should cherish and will always be warm in your heart. To the "bull in a China Shop", you have now thrown all your toys out, now put them back.......nothing like a bit of fire for a Saggie.... lol My story Im the female in this and had dated a Taurean on four occasions....

I'm a Taurus man seeking advice from a Sagittarius lady. will make you the Number One Person in his life, make no mistake about it. And the only thing we want is*the*same*thing*in*return. just a wilingness to understand where the other is coming from.

I'm seeing a lot of comments that Taurus man can't say "I love you" and I'd like to bring in another point of view. In his eyes, the sun will rise and set on your face. s exclude dear old mom for now), in every way shape or form. but the truth is, I think sags and taurus' are not only on the different pages, but reading totally different books! But if you really love your Taurus man, or Sagittarius woman the effort will be so much worth it, butttt it's a constant, constant, constant effort, just be ready for that!! We've been dating for 15 months now, and yes I did cheat on him, but it was cause he was married when we met and in process of leaving his ex-wife, I wasnt sure where things were going, i've lied to him about everything under the sun. well he hates my frineds and think that there bad for me.

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